Magic Wand

Magic Wand
With the introduction of Young Nails’ Magic Wand, you’ll soon be hearing a different tune when you ask a nail tech what her favorite implement is. Push. Remove. Pinch. Looking like a cross between a two-headed cuticle pusher and tweezers, this hybrid implement is actually three tools with four functions. The Magic Wand is the perfect prep and C-curve tool — including a pusher, a scraper, and a reverse pincher all in one wand-like tool. After a nail tech uses the spoon side to gently push back cuticle, she will turn the Magic Wand over and use the edge of the blade to scrape away any protein build-up in the cuticle area. The blade is designed for both right- and left-handed users. The other end of the Magic Wand, the reverse pincher, has two functions. First, a nail tech can use it to hold the nail tip on after applying glue, preventing her fingers from getting stuck on the client’s hands. Second, the reverse pincher can be used to squeeze the perfect C-curve. With a
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