Kaleidoscope Gel Kit

Kaleidoscope Gel Kit
There is more to life than a pink-and-white nail. And you, as the nail tech, are here to let your client know what her options are. With Young Nails’ new Kaleidoscope Gel Paint Kit you will be able to offer your clients a variety of permanent color options for their nails, as well as an endless choice of colors to create all of your nail art designs. Young Nails has added color intensity to its Synergy Gel System. Our nine beautiful color gels have maximum coverage and work harmoniously to create a vivid color palette. We’ve left the fun part up to you! Use your imagination to create your own colors and beautiful art. The Gel Paint Kit includes six basic colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple; three basic shading and tinting colors: Black, Brown, and White; Crystal Glitter Mix, Pearl Pigment Mix, a color wheel, Protein Bond, mixing jars, a glass dampen dish, a painting knife, mixing spatulas, toothpicks, and wipes. In the kit, we also offer you simple instructions for mix
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