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What & Why?

At emendee we are concerned about the potential health risks associated with the equipment, products and methods the nail industry currently uses. The health statistics for workers in the industry are very alarming and the risks and types of work-related health problems have been documented on many occassions.

Yet, in the marketplace there has been a distinct lack of equipment available specifically geared towards protecting the health of nail technicians.

So, we have satisfied this absolute necessity and become pioneers in the area of workplace health and safety for the nail industry by developing a range of products specifically suited to the needs of nail professionals who realise the potential health risks their workplaces currently pose and thus, are looking for solutions to minimise the risks in the future.


emendeeworkstations are the onlyindependently tested and proven extraction units on the market today. 


With over 25 colours and styles to choose from and new customisable skins coming soon - there's a lot to keep you and your salon on trend and looking great!


emendeeworkstations have been specifically invented, innovated and designed to increase the workplace health and safety of the nail technician.




Young nails nz is the distributor for New Zealand

The vented nail tables that is proven by Workplace Health and Safety Testing to remove more than 99% of the dust and 60% of the fumes.

If you are concerned about the harmful effects of inhaling nail dust all day, The Emendee™ Nail Table is a must-have piece of equipment for your salon. With a choice of table top colours, finishes and configurations you are sure to find an exact choice for your salon's decor and floor plan. The Emendee™ Nail Table has a filtration system to effectively remove 99% of dust insuring clean healthy air.


How would you like to customise your Emendee™ Nail Table?

 First, choose your style...
< Standard Single
< Standard Double
< Special Build Double
< Special Build Boomerang
< Custom Build Tuscan
< Designer Build On Request
 Then, choose the electrics...

< Single Install - 2 power points
< Double Install - 4 power points

 Then, choose the legs...
< Black
< Chrome

Finally choose from a selection of colours - For a sample please contact us today

Visit www.emendee.com.au to view the range online. Found one you like? Want to know a little more?